RHOWR, October 2014
We strive for balance!  October 2014                                                 photo credit Gloria Nelson


The Rational HOmeWork Review (RHOWR – pronounced “roar!”) Initiative is a group of Tenafly Public School parents who are concerned about stress in our children’s lives, and the role of homework in student stress. We are taking informed action to improve our families’ lives. Our basic concern is the health and well-being of our children, which includes their intellectual, physiological, social, and emotional development. In our experience, current Tenafly homework policies and practices often impinge on our families’ abilities to meet our children’s physiological (including sleep, exercise, and nutrition), social, and emotional needs.

Our goal is to educate ourselves – through communication with administrators, teachers, students, and otherparents, as well as reading, research, and dialog with education experts – about homework issues and best practices. We are working to encourage a general shift in the community’s attitudes and expectations (“cultural change”). We have found solid evidence that raw time spent on homework can be reduced while maintaining – or even improving – academic rigor and educational achievement. We are learning more about how positive changes have been achieved in other communities, and how they can be implemented in Tenafly.


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